The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On



Summer officially begins June 21 but in the South, it feels like it’s already here! And the rising temperatures are no fun if your vehicle’s Air Conditioner (A/C) is Blowing Warm Air or Not Working at all.

The most Common Items that will cause your A/C to Malfunction are Low Freon, Faulty Fans, Electrical Issues, a Clogged Or Broken Condenser, and a Bad Compressor. Your A/C System could also be Leaking – often difficult to pinpoint at times without adding a special dye to highlight the source.

A/C provides Comfort, as well as Safety, when the degrees climb and the humidity soars. Make a date with D & R Automotive & Front-End Service to Check your Vehicle’s A/C System to ensure that your summer is no sweat (literally).

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